In this Extreme Abs Workout it is very similar to the first Extreme Abs workout that you received, except more advanced exercises and higher repetitions. There are 3 sets each containing 5 different abdominal exercises which are to be performed one after the other, as one 'giant set', with 5-10 seconds rest MAXIMUM in-between each exercise. This puts a lot of stress on the abdominals and I truly believe that this is the best way to achieve muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) in the abdominals. This is to be performed on any day of your choice, twice per week.

(5 exercises one after the other = 1 giant set). Do 3 sets total with a few minutes rest in-between each 'giant set'. Go to failure on each set until you reach the number of reps prescribed.

Giant Set 1
(all exercises performed one after the other) 



Giant Set 2
(all exercises performed one after the other)



Giant Set 3
(peform both exercises back to back)