Week 1-4



In this Extreme Ab workout there are 6 different abdominal exercises each hitting different areas of the core. If need be add extra weight to some of the exercises to make more resistance so that you fail on the number of reps that I prescribed. This is to be performed on any day of your choice, twice per week.




Your obliques will already have been worked considerably during the abdominal training so the exercises and amount of sets is low volume. This is to be performed on the same day as training your abdominals after your abdominal training is completed.



(Transversus Abdominis)

These exercises for your inner stomach muscles are to be performed three times a week, on an empty stomach, except for on the days in which you train abdominals and you can do these at home as no equipment is required. These exercises will tuck in your distended stomach and prevent your abdominal wall from protruding forward, keeping your waist slim and aesthetic.