How do you know when your personal trainer or online fitness “guru” sucks?

Thats easy. Trainers who suck are constantly telling you how awesome they are. They’re all over Facebook, posting back-to-back-to-back videos or pictures, all day long, about themselves. They don’t ever give you any really good content to follow. I.e. workouts or nutritional advice.  A good trainer is ready to share actual knowledge with you.  You know what this means? It means they’re not in the gym, and they’re not putting in the work. They are on Facebook.  
I generally post my workouts daily on social media platforms. Its a great way to get those who can't afford highly expensive and customized programs an opportunity to get in on the fun!

There Is No Sign of Programming
Does your personal trainer carry a clipboard around (ipad or iphone), marking today’s session? Do they have a log of all your sessions, past and present? The weights you lifted, for how many reps, and general comments on your sessionsA log that you can see
Do they also show you where your training is heading, and where you’ll be in a couple of weeks or months? If not. Guess what? Your personal trainer sucks.  Tracking apps are your best friend. 

They Only Count Your Reps
Your personal trainer sucks if they’re more bothered about counting reps than checking your technique. This is a big no.  I tell my every one of my clients that I suck at counting so I need their help! Counting reps is your job(the client), it’s your trainer’s job to make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly, safely and to pull you up on bad technique.

A good personal trainer gets involved in the exercise, checks your technique from all angles and coaches you through it. They don’t just count to 10.  You ever notice your trainer walking all around you and looking at you in various angles that may even make you uncomfortable?  Guess what they are doing their job.

They Don’t Take Measurements
If your personal trainer doesn’t take any measurements beyond standing you on the scales for your first session, they suck. Hard. 
An effective trainer takes measurements monthly, if not weekly, so you can see your progress. It helps you carry momentum week to week, shows you when something isn’t working and allows you to see how far you’ve come.

If your personal trainer can’t show you where you’ve come from, they have no hope of taking you where you want to go. If there are no measurements, they’re not worth your time.  Measurements are important.  

If the trainers method of collecting data is set up right - it could also tell on you!  Your trainer will be able to see if your following their meal plan and training program on the days you aren't working with them!

Is your workout/diet plan designed specifically for you? 
Do your workouts and nutritional advice make sense for your specific goals? If you want to lose weight, I really hope you're doing low weights with high reps coupled with a low-calorie diet plan and cardio program. If you want to increase muscle mass, I hope you’re doing moderate-to-heavy weights during your sessions, and that your trainer knows what foods have the most efficient protein/fiber density for you.
 Does your trainer act like a Drill Sergeant? 
The "in your face," tough love, barking orders, style of most “Drill Sergeant” like trainers may grab the viewers' attention, and be sensational for television, but quite frankly I find that most clients don't respond well to that, particularly in a one-on-one situation.
Now don’t get me wrong – some of your trainers are veterans or prior military.  These individuals have a coaching style – and that’s ok!  I’m referring to the trainer that hasn’t spent a day in the military who shows up to your ‘boot camp’ fitness class in BDUs and a cool hat that puts on a “show”.  This is unnecessary and tacky.  It's also a gimmick.  
Posted on March 7, 2016 .