OCR Race Trainer


OCR Race Trainer

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This program is designed for someone already familiar with weights and running. If you are ready to take the leap to Obstacle Racing or are already a racer and want to step your game to the next level this is the program for you.

Obstacle course racing is the ultimate challenge of your overall fitness. One must be fast, strong, agile, and flexible and that is what this program is all about! With a focus on grip strength, raw power, endurance and athletic recovery this program will take your fitness and your racing to a new level.

 Recovery is programmed in but variety is offered as everyone's body will heal and recover at different rates. Your lifts should always be heavy but never sacrifice form. If you cannot maintain an exercise with good form drop the weight down to a manageable but still challenging level. Push yourself on your runs to up your average pace but do not lose sight of the goal; strength, endurance and agility. The delicate balance of the three can only be maintained with recovery work, a healthy diet, and dedication.


*** This program does not include a meal plan.  You may purchase the Personalized Meal Plan option with this program to maximize your results.



Good Luck!

Beverly Provost

Certified Fitness Trainer

CustomBuilt Performance Fitness Nutrition

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