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Online Consult

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The CUSTOMBUILT online consultation program offers personalized one-on-one consultations to interested clients from the comfort of their own homes and daily schedules. This process proves to be beneficial to clients currently enrolled in our programs to contact us directly regarding fitness consultations. Further more it allows us to offer our services to potential clients that are outside of our physical surroundings. 

Our goal is to help our online clients attain their goals in a manner that is conducive to their lifestyle and training accessibility. We are dedicated to providing training programming that mirrors the same concepts that we utilize in our training sessions at our own facilities. Ensuring that each client receives our upmost attention and dedication.

All of our online consultations focus on securing the privacy of our clients, insuring that they can feel comfortable sharing any information with our online fitness consultants.

After filling out the questionnaire upon purchase, our online trainers will contact you via email with in 24 hours to initiate the consultation process. Sessions will typically be processed via email, phone, Skype sessions...etc.

Your fitness consult will be approximately 30 minutes long. However, you can opt for the 60 minute long consult if you desire.

This program is for all levels of fitness

  • CrossFit

  • NPC Prep

  • OCR Prep

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Performance Fitness

  • Sports Nutrition

  • General Nutrition

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