Shopping list


Fruit and veg:

small bag craisins

1.5c worth broccoli

6oz asparagus

9oz zucchini

2.5c worth spinach

12oz cantaloupe

½ c worth brussels

I whole baking potato

1 avocado

8oz cauliflower

5oz peas

2oz cucumber

12.5oz peppers

3 small sweet potato

1 small spaghetti squash

3oz blueberries

5oz strawberries

8oz carrots



6x 4 oz turkey breast

2x 4 oz salmon filet

5x 4oz steak

1 pack bacon (to be used for bacon bits) can get small container of pre-made if you prefer



Cold items:

1 container humus



1.5c worth steel cut oats

1 jar peanut butter

3oz walnuts

½  c worth garbonzo beans

1.5c worth long grain brown rice

3oz black beans

1 container mixed nuts

small bottle greek dressing

1 small jar of your favorite salsa

1 large container coconut oil

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1 small container pesto